Kingmaker - A New Power Arises

A New Power has Arisen

The StagLord is dead. The menace who had kept much of the borderlands in the grip of terror is no more. And not at the hand of the army of Brevoy. Rather the StagLord was taken down by a small band of heroes, who stormed his fortress and slew him and his vile henchmen in single combat.

The ones who slew the Staglord are now proclaimed as heroes throughout Brevoy. From Restov to Port Ice, their names are repeated. Even in the troubled capital of New Steven the dark talk of discord and civil war has abated for a time, replaced by tales of the daring feat and of the lands that now seem ripe for the taking.

But even the greatest victories can nurture the seeds of future trouble. Those who took the StagLord down are no longer anonymous soldiers. They are now VALUABLE.
The heroes are feted by agents of the crown, proclaimed as proof of the peace and stability Brevoy will enjoy under a Sartovan dynasty. In Restov they are talked about as exemplers of ancient Aldori bravery, hearkening back to a time when Rostland did not bow before the boots of northerners usurpers. House Orlavsky’s reputation has strengthened, while those who oppose them hope that the House’s new champions soon fall from grace. What is certain is that the heroes reward is rulership of a troubled land, the promise of toil and blood to cement what they have won.

And what of the lands now open for exploitation? Monsters still abound, making the frontier a perilous place. There are the River Kingdoms, who claim lordship over these lands and resent the brazen Brevoyan incursion. Then there are rumors of dark things stirring in the South, of ancient evils awakening. Unnatural fiends lurk in the unexplored forest, eager for prey.

But there is always hope. The heroes have already overcome many perils. The land they guard is fertile and rich in all manner of resources. Settlers are flocking in, eager for the chance of a new life. Farms are being cleared, towns springing up. And there are allies, some obvious, others still unseen. Wisdom and valor may let win them a kingdom.



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