Kingmaker - A New Power Arises

Haven has become a beacon of hope

Haven is truly living up to its name. Within a year of the Fey war and the suppression of the marauding trolls a form of peace has descended over the land that now if known far and wide as “Haven”.

People arrive weekly. Many, it is true, are reckless adventurers. Some are desperados seeking escape from dark pasts. But many, many are people simply seeking a new start on life, a chance for a better future. Families are settling in, opening the land, building communities. Where once were only bandits and monsters there are now farms and schools and shops.

Olegtown and Stagfell are now thriving towns, their populations in the hundreds. Tatzlford and Shadowdale are not far behind. They are surrounded by fields and orchards, and some even speak of a day when they might become cities, cities that will be beacons to those who labor under oppression and superstition.

The name HAVEN is now spoken across the Northlands and beyond as a place of hope.
But it is hope alone amid darkness.

The woodlands are still haunted by the remnants of the dark fey. Lady Calendria has destroyed much of the dark host that was summoned from some terrible world beyond Golarian, but there are survivors lurking in the shadows, plotting revenge. Who, or whatever sent them forth on their mission of genocidal conquest remains hidden, biding its time. The gates between worlds that lie scattered about in those woodlands are quite though there are those who seek to re-awaken them for their own ends. A shallow tranquility prevails, the quite before a ferocious tempest.

Other monsters still prowl the wilderness. There are tales of ettercaps and drakes, of manticores and even dreaded tatzlwyrms abound. Travelors must still move about in numbers, for to be alone in the forests and dales of Haven is to court death.

Bandits, especially the one called “Raven” scavenge on the weak and unwary. He lurks to the east, in the lands made people-less by a thing called the ‘grabber’. While now little more then a dangerous nuisance, his presence is a challenge to the stability of the infant kingdom.

Further to the east the lands are still unexplored, all the way to the mountains known as the ‘Tors of Levenies’. While the other side of these mountains is held by Lord Maeger Varn, the border between Haven and Varnhold is undecided and unexplored. Strange creatures and the occasional centaur war party claim these places, daring anyone to try to claim them.

To the West lies the darkness-besieged Narlmarches and even further the dismal Hooktongue Slough. Those lands are claimed by Baron Hannis Drevlov. He has built a town called Fort Drevlov, from which he rules over Lake Hooktongue and the important trade rout of the East Selln river. He has his hands full with many monsters as well as the Tiger Lord barbarians and the ever threatening shadow of the River Kingdom of Pitax. Nevertheless he claim suzerainty over all the Narlmarches, including much if not all of Haven, though he has not yet pressed his claim.

And then there is the troubled empire of Brevoy. All sense that the empire totters on a knife-edge, torn by faction and ruthless ambition, held together by little more then the harsh hand of High-Regent Noleski Surtova. Many urge him to seize the throne to ensure the kingdom stays together, others hate him as a despot who dabbles with darkness to cement his rule. Haven is removed from much of the intrigue, but if a civil war erupts the storm will wash over the stolen lands as well as Brevoy itself.

It is a race between the forces of civilization and destruction. Which force wins may very well be decided by a small band of heroes…………………



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