Baelish Littlefinger

Halfling Wizard employed by Aspis


Baelish Littlefinger is a wizard employed by Aspis Corporation to exploit any unclaimed treasures in the newly opened Stolen Lands. Aspis has a decree from the crown allowing them unfettered access to the Stolen Lands and ownership of anything they find there (in exchange for a fee of course). Baelish leads a team of ‘explorers’ searching for such treasures, especially ones of magical nature. He is especially fascinated by the enigmatic stone circles found scattered throughout the land, believing them to be gates to other worlds, access to which will bring untold treasure to his employer, and naturally, himself.

Baelish is quite proud of his superior intellect and resents the attempts of lesser beings to interfere with his path to glory. Understandably he lets such wretches know how much he disdains them. Especially vexing is the short-sighted gang of adventurers who currently rule this rich land, and their petty attempts to hinder his pursuit of fame and wealth

Baelish Littlefinger

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