A nympth of unearthly beauty and a dark past


Daphne wages a ceaseless war against evil in the Narlmarches, savagely hunting down all who would bring darkness to the woodlands. She has channeled all her guilt and shame into her struggle, becoming almost a avatar of rightous violence. She has no home, but Taztleford is as close as she gets to finding a haven and she defends the place with tireless energy. Still shunned by most of her people, her only absolution is the destruction beings as evil as she once was.

Daphne is a nympth, and like all her kind is a being of unearthly beauty and grace. But that beauty is marred by sadness and guilt. Her souls was enslaved and corrupted by an evil artifact that she found. Hoping to use that artifact to fight the waves of evil Fey that are spilling into Golarion like a foul flood, she instead became a monster. Killing several dryads and other woodland beings, as well as many innocent mortals, she was defeated by the heroes of Haven. They stripped her of the accursed amulet and destroyed it and the foul Fey godling whose spirit inhabited it.

But her deliverance was utterly marred by guilt and shame. A mortal can only guess what a being of pure good must feel when confronted by the knowledge that she committed terrible, terrible crimes. The amulet left a stain and wound on her soul that will never completely heal.

Worse, she is now shunned by her own people. Fey untouched by darkness sense the lingering blight inside her. Many know of her actual crimes and despise her for torturing and killing beings of immortal beauty. The leader of the good Fey, the great Lady Celendria, shares the contempt, but has allowed Daphne to at least serve in the fight against the darkness, though Celendria has made it clear there will never, never be a full forgiveness.

Daphne’s only comfort has been from the leaders of Haven who first rescued her. They accept her as a n ally and she has taken on the role as the Guardian of the new settlement of Tatzleford. She guards the place and it’s people with passionate devotion. She rarely meets with the people she now lives to protect, still overcome by shame and remorse, but hoping that her deeds may someday bring an absolution.


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