Jerrin Tolstov

Butcher of Mivan


Jerrin has channeled all his ruthless drive into making the Legion of the One-Dammed, (a growing band of formerly evil beings who seek to save their souls through deeds) into a elite shock-troop of haven. Feared by even some of the hardened followers of the departed Touched, his skill in strategy and tactics could prove invaluable if full-scale war ever breaks out. Knowing his soul is eternally dammed unless he earns his redemption, his commitment to Haven is above question.

A late middle-aged man with a grim demeanor. He seems quite worldly, speaking common with a rich aristocratic Mivan accent. His reputation is a bloody legend in the River Kingdoms, leader of a widely-feared private army known simply as the ‘Wolven’. Utterly efficient and equally without mercy, they served whoever paid the most, whether in pay of the opportunity to pillage. After a revolt against the King in Mivan, the wolven sacked the city with such utter ferocity that it quelled all further dissent and became a benchmark by which all pitiless savagery is marked. After that Jerrin disappeared, reviled by even the despots of the River Kingdoms, a boogeyman to frighten children.

He leads Touched’s band of misfits, taking command in his absence.

Jerrin Tolstov

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