Jhod Kavken

Cleric of Erastil


Shepherd Jhod has become a pillar of Stagfell and Oleg-Town. He travels Haven tirelessly, ensuring those in need have aid. He has helped establish churches to all the Lords of Light and hides their clerics from the dark repression of Brevoy. He also runs a large orphanage and school in StagFell, providing comfort and counsel to all who seek it.

A priest of Erastil, Jhod Kavken wandered into Oleg’s shortly after the hero’s arrival. He heard of the charter to settle these lands and has offered his services as a healer. He also claims that he had a dream of a lost temple to Erastil guarded by a huge bear and felt it was a sign from his deity.

Since then he has proved a worthy addition to the community at Oleg’s. He has opened a small school for the children, and provides healing to all for a nominal fee. He has also built a small shrine to Erastil and seeks to redeem the greater shrine to his God that the heroes discovered deep in the Narlmarch woodlands.

Originally from Galt, Jhod never mentions his family or his past. He was one of the few who spoke out against hanging some of the captured bandits, arguing angrily that no one had a right to kill someone unless they were very sure of their guilt and lack of remorse.

He is quiet but friendly. In his early thirties, he is older then most of the people at Oleg’s and he is trusted and looked up to by most of the community.

Jhod Kavken

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