Josepf Sellimus, High-Mayor of Restov

Middle-aged and well-fed but with shrewd perceptive eyes


Josepf Sellimus is a self-made man, a low-born who skills as a merchant anddeal-maker have made him High-Mayor of the free City of Restov. Looked down upon by the great families for his lowly birth, he is nevertheless respected for his cunning and ability to stay neutral amid all the scheming and treachery. He has parlayed his reputation as an unaligned leader into a position of considerable power. He rules Restov as lord in all but name, ruthlessly punishing those who would bring outside quarrels within city walls. His neutrality and reputation for honesty has endeared his to the local people, even amongst the lessor nobility who dream of an independent Rostland.

Sellimus eyes the growing power and independence of haven with interest and some concern. He is ware his city cannot remain neutral forever, yet will not commit to any power that cannot prevail in the coming civil war. Ever practical, He seeks assurance that haven will prove to be a ally rather than a liability.

Josepf Sellimus, High-Mayor of Restov

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