Kagan Lothson

Tough and ruthless corporal


Kagan has prospered along with Oleg-town. Though still a corporal, he has forged many side-deals with the less-savory elements of the frontier town. Cunning enough never to openly over-step the law, he consorts with smugglers, poachers, and others who shelter in the lawless borderlands between Haven and the empire. Utterly mercenary, oddly Kagan can be relied upon if it serves his own interest.

Kagan is a corporal posted to Oleg’s Trading post. As cunning as he is ruthless, he is proof that there can be a thin line between a soldier and a bandit. Kagan can be very valuable to those who need a grim task completed without caring how it is accomplished or who is harmed. Kagan is, above all, a survivor, and that is a valuable trait on the frontier.

Kagan Lothson

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