Lensi Llorowyn

Half-elven bard and chronicler of the heroes of Stagefell


The chronicler of Haven’s first days, Lensi’s tales have become staples of theater and song from the RiverLands to the Northern marches of Brevoy. She is unpopular with the rulers f Brevoy as her tales always carry an undercurrent of subversion against those who mis-rule.

Despite her fame she is restless. She is used to the comforts of the great cities and courts and feels isolated in what she feels (though she never says such openly) is a rural and violent backwater. She yearns for the refinements of courtly life and occasionally hints of starting over in Andorra or Absolom.

Lensi Llorowyn is a half-elven bard who hails from New Stetven. As cheerful as she is beautiful, she puts most minstrels to shame. She seems fascinated by the raw ‘frontier’ life and he heroic deeds of those heroes who bring civilization to the wildlands.

She clearly is upper-born, with an aristocratic accent and obvious education. It seems she has now fallen on hard times. Her somewhat frayed clothing looks like it was once fine enough for the mansions of the wealthiest families. She seems wistful at times, as if remembering happier times.

It seems her troubles started with the death of her elven father. She knows only that her mother was a lowly minstrel from the southern borderlands who died soon after she was born. Held in contempt by her pure-blooded elven family, she struck out on her own. She hints that she was briefly a mistress to a high-born minister in the Imperial court, but had to leave ‘suddenly’. Disgusted by the behavior of the jaded nobility, she left New Stetven seeking to make a life for herself. She has done some adventuring, but mostly lives for her music and epic storytelling.

Lensi Llorowyn

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