Margery Sturmanov

Second in command of the Pitaxian army of exile


Margery has become withdrawn in recent months, as if wrestling with some dark burden. Still a fearless and capable commander, she nevertheless hates war and above all the things that befall those caught up in it. She has developed an odd interest in the Empire of Brevoy and seeks every scrap of knowledge about it. Some say she has even traveled there in secret with only her husband and a few loyal followers, and returned filled with loathing for the Surtovas and the creatures that have seized control of that troubled land. Still determined to see her husband Pyotor Borodin sit on the throne of Pitax, she occasionally speaks of a greater war, one in which Pitax, Haven and Brevoy are but pawns.

Margery Sturmanov is the second in command of Pyotr Borodin’s ‘army of exile’. The scion of House Sturmanov, an old but now quite poor noble family, she has been dogged by rumors that she is actually a low-born girl adopted by that family for some reason. Whatever the truth, she had become the leader of her family and had begun to rebuild their fortunes. That is now in ruins, as she and her family have been forced into exile in the brutal wastelands of the Stolen Lands. It is said she has taken refuge with a band of ruthless Brevoyan adventurers who are seizing the lands in the name of Brevoy.

Margery is brave and fearless. While not as charismatic as Lord Borodin, her common sense and adaptability make her an excellent counterpart to her commander’s impetuous courage. She is also obviously in love with Pyotr and is ready to follow him wherever he leads, even if it is to ruin and death.

Margery Sturmanov

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