Tag: Half-elf


  • Kaidyn Steel Orlovsky

    Power Attack +12/+7 +11 Damage Smite Evil Power Attack +20/+15 to hit +19 dmg if Evil Outsider/Dragon or undead first successful attack is +26 damage bypasses all DR. +7 to AC Born into one of the greater noble houses of Brevoy, …

  • Lensi Llorowyn

    The chronicler of Haven's first days, Lensi's tales have become staples of theater and song from the RiverLands to the Northern marches of Brevoy. She is unpopular with the rulers f Brevoy as her tales always carry an undercurrent of subversion against …

  • Collin Fetisov

    Collin has accepted a position at the prestigious New Stetven Academy of Magics where, in addition to his studies, will be Professor of incendiary soceries ad associated high explosives. He will be remembered fondly by those he left behind.