Akiros Ismort

Ex-Bandit who claims to seek redemption and aspires to be the protector of Stagfell


Akiros remains a gruff and rather aloof figure, though he skillfully manages the militia of Stagfell, knowing their will be a time when the people under his care will have to defend their homes and families with sword and spear. He seems still haunted by his past and prone to terrible fury at times, and he struggles to keep the darker parts of his personality in check. But the duties of keeping law and order in what is still in many ways a rowdy frontier boom-town provides little time for brooding as he prepares for the storm he knows is coming.

Akiros Ismort is a contradiction. Somewhat gruff and prone to a violent temper, he nevertheless aided the heroes in their battle against the Stag Lord. Since then he has been a protector and source of much-needed stability for the run-down collection of hovels that is the village of Stagfell. He is a competent fighter and fights with a deadly fury. Somewhat surprisingly, he can also be a decent and inspiring leader when he keeps his temper in check.

He says very little about his past other then he is from Taldor and spent time in he River kingdoms. He is bitter and prone to surly drinking, as if burdened by a past he wants to forget.


Akiros Ismort

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