Audri Farleaf

Olge-Town's leading entrepenuer


As Haven has thrived, so has Audri. She has distanced herself from the more sordid parts of her past and now runs a prosperous Apothecary in Oleg-Town, dealing in potions and medicines along with many Fey-charmed herbs. Some say she still dabbles in poisons for the right price and has many contacts with the smuggler-bands that thrive on the border of Haven and the empire. Now ‘respectable’ and wealthy, she still commands a bit of fear as several less-savory rivals have died under unusual circumstances.

Audri Farleaf is Oleg-town’s leading entrepenuer. She is a reputed healer and midwife, seller of potions, herbs, and some say poisons. She also runs the town’s finest brothel. She has a somewhat sinister reputation, and none of the townsfolk dare cross her. Nevertheless she does heal people and cure diseases, often for free, so she is granted a wary respect, even from Oleg and Svetlana.

Her accent indicates she came from New Steven. She says little of her past, but you get the vague feeling that her past was not pleasant. She hints that she is no fan of King Surtova, but other then that seems merely content to make a life for herself on the frontier.

Audri Farleaf

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