Elina Markova

Scholarly looking wizardess


Elina continues to grow more knowledgeable and versed in magic. But her growing knowledge only seems to make her more worried about the growing threats. She knows that information is the best defense and is willing to take great risks to gain the knowledge needed to defend Golarion and her companions. Not as naive and foolish as some believe, she is yet still fascinated by those who possess hidden lore, especially about the world gates whicj Elina believes are the poorly-sealed doors to a myriad of new worlds.

Elina Markova looks like someone far better suited teaching at some University then making a living as an adventurer. Shy and bookish, her eyes come alive whenever someone brings up some tidbit of arcane or lore about far-away lands. A keen observer might notice that this almost mousy woman’s eyes become cold and determined whenever she or her friends are threatened.

She speaks little of her background, but her voice carries an Andoran accent. She also does not reveal who she works for. Her thirst for knowledge is remarkable, and she will befriend anyone who shares knowledge, especially of the Stolen Lands. She too is worried about the rash of malevolent creatures and magics that are plaguing the area. She insists that the best defencse against the looming menace is knowledge, even if risks must be taken to gain that knowledge.

Elina Markova

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