Jenli O'Cannah

Druid and explorer of the Stolen Lands


Jenli has confided that she and her companions sent to the Stolen Lands to find the truths behind the tales of Fey invaders and ancient artifacts that litter the land. She has become an ally of the rulers of Haven, putting aside for the moment he single-minded pursuit of knowledge to aid the new and in its struggle for survival. Yet she knows that knowledge and magical artifacts may prove the salvation of Haven and chafes at the restrictions placed upon her and her companions regarding the many mysteries these lands hold…..

Jenli is the leader of a group of NPCs who use Oleg’s and Stagfell as a base of operations for their explorations of the Stolen Lands. They are discrete about who they work for, but are very interested in any information the players can provide about the mysteries of this dark and dangerous land.

Jenli seems to be a druid, showing deadly skill with bow and rapier. She also plays a violin and obviously has some training as a Bard. Easy going and adventurous she is also a seasoned adventurer. She is most comfortable in the wilderness and befriends all who venture with good intent into the wilds.
She is very concerned abou
t the growing menace that threatens the infant nation. She insists she does not know the source of the malevolent forces gathering in the wilderness, but is deeply worried. She feels that there is a dark power behind many of the odd happenings, one that may prove too strong for a remote frontier province to handle.

Jenli O'Cannah

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