Kersten Garess

Lieutenant of the Oleg’s garrison and soldier of Brevoy


Ostentatiously still a Lieutenant in the imperial army due to his family’s influence, Kersten now serves Haven in all but official title. A capable officer, he chafes at being seen as a servitor of the Orvlavsky family, with which his own family has fueded with in the past. But in the murderous swirl of Brevoyan politics, Family Garess has drifted into an unspoken alliance with Orvlavsky, fearing the swelling power of the Surtova’s. Know more for his stubborn sense of loyalyu and duty than for imagination, Kersten commands the military forces at Oleg-Town and seeks to strengthen the place, knowing full well that his will be the first place invaded if and when Haven comes to blows with the Dragonscale Throne.

Kersten Garess is a Lieutenant in the army of Brevoy and currently stationed as garrison commander at Oleg’s trading post. He is a member of the powerful Garess family, and his accent and mannerisms occasionally betray his aristocratic heritage. What he is doing in such a remote backwater as a junior officer is a mystery. He does not seem to have any contact with his family and lives as a simple soldier.

A decent commander and tactician he seems content with leading his troop of soldiers. It is only the occasional remark or look that makes one wonder if he does not resent his station in life and being overlooked for advancement.

Kersten Garess

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