Kruk Rockbreaker

Dwarven sub-chief of the Stonehand Clan and traitor to the empire


Rescued by the rulers of Haven from a horrible fate in the depths of the gold mine they were sheltering in, Kruk and his band of Stonehand-Clan refugees now run the operation, though they use front-men so their presence remains hidden from those in Brevoy who would them and their clan exterminated. Like many dwarves, he is rash and unyielding, though he is ferociously loyal to those who rescued him. He loathes the Surtova’s and also seeks to find out who betrayed him at his previous refuge in the Orvlasky lands.

Kruk Rockbreaker is a sub-chief of the Stonehand clan. He led an insane attack on the garrison of Spearford. His treacherous actions resulted in him being declared a traitor and his clan put under an edict of Anathema. His body was never recovered and there are persistent rumors he and some of his gang of turncoats survived and fled into the Stolen Lands. Naturally, anyone who locates him is bound by law to turn him under or suffer a similar indictment as a traitor to the realm.

Kruk Rockbreaker

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