Latricia Rezbin

Co-founder of Tatzlford and wife of Loy Rezbin


Under the care of Latricia and her husband, Tatzleford has become a prosperous settlement, growing and yet staying harmony with the surrounding forest. Very much aware they are on the border of Haven, they divert much-needed resources to defense, fearing that all they have built may be swept away.

Latricia is an attractive,but tough-looking half-elf who along with her husband Loy, hope to establish a settlement deep in the Narlmarches. She hopes the town will be a refuge for those who need a new start, though her demeanor promises she will look poorly upon anyone with a dark background. Taciturn and unyielding, she is very different from her husband, though they seem to be genuinely in love.

Latricia is from Lastwall, and is a priestess of Erastil. She fought against the Orc tribes there and seems to be a dangerous opponent.

Latricia Rezbin

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