Loy Rezbin

Founder of Tatzlford


Along with his wife Loy is proud of the growing settlement around him and that it is a refuge for half-elves, though none are turned away if in need. An x-soldier, he drives his miltia hard, which causes some resentment, but he know they are an island of peace on a frontier and that means that you need to be prepared to fight. He has sworn fealty to the lords of Haven in return for protection, but fears that when the war comes Tatzleford will be on its own.

A ruddy, energetic and friendly half-elf, Loy and his wife Latricia have asked permission to build a village deep in the Narlmarches, on a ford of the Skunk River. This place was recently the nesting site for a pack of vicious Tatzlworms, which were recently slain by a group of heroic adventurers. Her wants to call the new village Tatzlford and have it open to all. He especially would like to see half-elves settle there and hopes the new rulers of this land will grant him a charter in exchange for fealty.

Personally, he is very likable and cheerful, but a discerning eye can detect a hardness under that pleasent exterior. He was a soldier and scout around Lastwall, though he states that he is tired of fighting and wants to build something instead.

Loy Rezbin

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