Lucium Surtova

Heroic commander of Spearford and bane of traitors


Fates have been cruel to the heroic commander of Spearford. In the last year his role as commander of the southern marches has been undermined to the point where he has been demoted to a mere garrison commander. The upstart warlords of Haven were particularly responsible for this terrible treachery., spreading lies and alternate facts, even to the High-Regent Lord Noleski Surtova.

Nevertheless is as resourceful as he is a patriotic. He continues to work against those craven fools who undermine the unity of the Empire. When he finally exposes the traiters his vengeance will be as just as it will be terrible.

Lucium Surtova is the heroic commander of Spearford, the man who heroically defeated a dastardly attack by traitors and dwarven terrorists. Now Major, he is the military commander of the area about Spearford. He is the third cousin to the serene King Surtova himself.

Despite his royal blood, he has humbly declared that he sees his posting to a seemingly minor frontier town as a chance to serve the empire. His prestige has been boosted by his victory, against great odds, of the gang of maddened traitors that he had uncovered and then routed. He has sworn to root out all such cancers, and has begun to gather a small army in Spearfell, much to the chagrin of House Lebeda, who are the traditional lords of Brevoy. He has also angered the High Mayor of Brevoy, Ioseph Sellemius, who is a famously independent leader who has refused to declare allegiance to any house.

Lucium Surtova

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