Mik-Mik the sagacious

Avenger and lord protector and the bane of all that threaten the Sootscale Realm


A surprisingly intelligent and resourceful Kobald, Mik-Mik has become the second-in-charge to King Soot-Scale himself. He seems to genuinely like most humans, especially if they bear food and good drink.

Unfortunately, he is a Kobald. That means he is a bit scatter-brained and shifty. For all of that he has proven to be a brave and loyal ally so far. He professes to want the Soot-Scale mines to become a Kobald nation, naturally allied to the new kingdom the heroes are building. He hopes the Soot-Scale realm can be a beacon to Kobalds everywhere. He also wants to be rich enough to eat as much pizza and drink enough beer to keep his surprisingly large stomach filled for the rest of his days.

Mik-Mik the sagacious

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