Pyotr Borodin

Rightful ruler of Mother Pitax


Pyotr builds his army in exile, awaiting the time to lead it back to mother Pitax and the throne that awaits him. In the meantime he keeps his forces honed by patrolling the borders of Haven, ever vigilant. Still prone to rashness, his personality has tempered as responsibility and wise counsel make an impression. Unfazed by serving those who some call robber-barons who seek to dismember Pitax, he and his wife Margery Stomonov have quietly built a small but elite army that may very well one day decide the fate of at least one kingdom.

Pyotr Borodin is an exiled noble who claims he is the rightful ruler of Pitax. His grandfather was briefly king, before he was murdered in a coup. Given that coups and assassinations are national sports in the River Kingdoms, the Borodins are but one of many families in his land who have some bit of ‘royal’ blood in his veins.

When King Castruccio Irovetti demanded his submission, he rashly rebelled, leading his army of retainers into a brave, glorious, and utterly complete defeat. Knowing that King Irovetti was prone to slaughter all who opposed him, including their families, he led the survivors of the rout and their kin into the Stolen Lands. Here, in lands that are by ancient right part of Pitax, he hopes to re-build his fortunes and return to claim the River Kingdom throne.

Pyotr is a natural leader. Charismatic and bold, he reckless bravery is matched by his headlong rashness. How he will ever overcome as cunning a foe as King Irovetti is an open question. This is even more a question now that rumors of him forging an alliance with the Brevoyan warlord who is trying to wrest the Stolen Lands away from Pitax have spread.

Pyotr Borodin

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