Sootscale the Wise and Powerful, Lord of Underhaven

He Who Rules from Below, Bane of mites and wise ruler


Sootscale finds himself king of a surprisingly (and perhaps disturbingly) populous kingdom of kobalds. Throwing in with the humans who once sought to exterminate his people, adapting new and tolerant ways has helped hi realm grow. And sitting on a seemingly endless lode of shinies that extend ever deeper in the flesh of Golarion also helps.

Sootscale enjoys the good life and avoids conflict as messy and dangerous. He defers to his wise Vizier, Mik-Mik in the tedious details of actual rule. Not too bright, yet cunning, he seems to believe throwing his lot in with Haven and all that it stands for is what is truly best for his people. He has proven a loyal ally so far, even helping refugees escape the terrors of the Brevoyan empire and spying/harrassing those who wish Haven ill.

Yet he is hurt by accusations that he consorts with the darker denizens of the Underdark. Surfacers and their easy sunny world have no idea what it takes to survive in the savage darklands. He does what he must do to protect his people and his easy-going nature does not preclude his acting ruthlessly when his subjects are in peril.

Sootscale has promoted himself from Chief to King, all thanks to his useful allies. He is big for his kind, brave and a bit dim-witted. His silver-mine has grown in size and prosperity. His people trade silver and gems for food (pizza!!!!) and other human-produced luxuries. He leaves most of the day-to-day work, not to mention most dangerous stuff to his loyal lieutenant, Mik-Mik.

Sootscale the Wise and Powerful, Lord of Underhaven

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