A huge and surly Orc who claims to fight for good


Touched is an oddity. He is an Orc, tall and strong even for such a cruel and monstrous race. He is the bodyguard for Elina Markova, who is one of the NPC group that uses Oleg’s and Stagfell as a base of operations. He certainly looks and acts the part, being by her side most times and reacting very badly to anyone who he believes is a threat to her or the other members of his group.

He never has spoken his real name, but others call him ‘Touched’. Elina once mentioned he had joined their group in the forests around Lastwall. He had become something of a local legend, an Orc who fought Orcs and other monsters with a savage, almost bestial intensity. He fought alone as most humans refused to believe and Orc could be a true ally. Touched resents anyone questioning his past.

Stranger still, he wears an amulet of Iomadae, and people speak of his power to heal and inspire others. He has associated himself with some of the ex-bandits, becoming the leader of a group of hard-bitten ex-outlaws and renegades. He has led them into the forest on occasion, though no one knows why.


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