The Standing Stones

Enigmatic stone circles that lead to other worlds


No can say exactly what the many stone circles are, let alone who made them. There are at least a dozen such circles in the Stolen lands, most in the dense Narlmarch woodlands, with more to be discovered.

The circles have been there before Skyfall. A vague legend says they were there in the very beginning, made by the Gods to easily travel between the newly created worlds. Then the paths between the worlds were bent, and such travel became difficult and dangerous. But scholars believe that for some reason the barriers between worlds in thin in the Stolen Lands, leaving these gates to still function. And function they do. It is not known if any native of Golarion knows how to use the gates as originally intended, but there are certainly other beings who do have this knowledge.

Some sages say the gates are most easily used to travel to worlds, or planes, that lay “close” to Golarion. In the Stolen Lands, it is said the plane of the Beastlands, and of many of the original, primal worlds of nature are “close”. Some of the Fey hint that the Lords and Gods of those nearby realms once ruled over much of Golarion, and yearn to return and restore their former realms. Whether this is true or not, the gates still open from time to time, allowing Fey and other creatures access to Golarion, making the Stolen Lands a seemingly inexhaustible source of strange and often dangerous beings.

The Standing Stones

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