Warlords Fury

The weapon and symbol of a now forgotten warlord


Known traits:

cold iron
Wielder can go Rage CL level * 2 rounds per day
+1D6 vs all fey & all outsiders
+2 Versus mind control spells


This obviously ancient flail was won by Braggoth of Haven in the blighted barrow of some ancient, and now nameless warlord. Little could be gleaned of that warlord’s history, other then he carved out a kingdom by blood and conquest, fighting both natural enemies and foes from some ancient Fey queen. It seems that queen had her revenge, damming the warlord to an eternity of joyless existence until Braggoth and the other heroes freed him and his court from their torment.

The flail exudes magic. It grants its wielder the strength and will to rule. The old metal still retains it’s former owner’s loathing of fey and outsiders, as well as his iron will.

Warlords Fury

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